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Yukon Men ( 1 minute ago )

nealnbob : Unwatchable 2 weeks in a row. YK Jack you suck.....

Medium ( 9 minutes ago )


Vikings ( 11 minutes ago )

Dancingirl : No action, just drama and nastiness. 2.5/5

Snatched ( 15 minutes ago )

BUDDHA512 : really enjoyed this movie,worth the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel ( 16 minutes ago )

toasterfraker : Fun movie that takes the extreme WTF feeling you get every time you watch a time travel movie and turns it into more WTF and pure comedy. Highly recommended. Just don't watch expecting Primer, all you time-travel snobs.

Trailer Park Boys ( 34 minutes ago )

rubberr : look at the size of that firefly , hes actually on fire i think. soo many good lines in this show . lahey pissed himself and didnt even notice lol

Alien: Covenant ( 38 minutes ago )

Kioku : I was so beyond excited for this movie. I'm a huge Alien fan, but this sequel to Prometheus and prequel to Alien was sadly disappointing. and I even loved Prometheus which many people hate. But this new effort is my least favorite installment out of the series. Ridley Scott ret-conned the entire mythology and underwhelmed us where we expected more. Less flutes please, more Aliens. I really hope the next movie wow's us or else i think this story of creation may have been killed by it's creator. A sad day for Alien fans. 3/5

Ancient Aliens ( 44 minutes ago )

Trump_Sucks : OH man. It's back!!

Ancient Aliens ( 45 minutes ago )

ShareTheWorld : Well it certainly would explain all those pesky UFO's people see and film as well as the abductions stories as reported by humanity over the centuries.

Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus ( 50 minutes ago )

wyldstallion : In keeping with the theme: Sehr gut!

Charlie's Farm ( 50 minutes ago )

Malice486 : I had to rate this 1/5 stars. I just can't get through this movie. I watched it for both Kane Hodder and Tara Reid, and I tried to watch it several times both drunk and sober, but I could just not finish this movie in either state.

David Cross Let America Laugh ( 50 minutes ago )

WeirdMonkey : Thanks for posting. I love this special! Used to own it on DVD, can't figure out what I did with it. Lol...anyways, very funny special that follows David on tour. 8/10

Tiny House Nation ( 55 minutes ago )

spydyrman : This show has as much fake drama as the worst reality shows. I am watching for the ideas, and I have to keep skipping past all the fake worries, fake happy, fake disasters, horrible teasers, etc etc etc. Show should have been 30 minutes instead of an hour. I really like the ideas involved, but the producers spend as minimal time as possible actually showing you things. This whole shows seems like a uncomfortable mix between tech showcase, product placements, and really really fake reality TV. Just one example: S01E05 11:20 into it, they are cutting down a tree and make it seem like the tree was heading toward the solar panels, complete with somebody yelling just as the tree is coming down and *commercial break*. Accept the fake crap for what it is, and it's not a bad show.

Explorer ( 57 minutes ago )

David_Smith : This show is not very good :(

Raw ( 1 hour ago )

DjSuperman1 : This was like a Teen French Horror movie. It's subtitled, so you're going to have to read if you don't understand French. It seemed more like a movie about college life for French teens, and the cannibalism kind of took a back seat. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Berlin Syndrome ( 1 hour ago )

DjSuperman1 : Not really that good. Nothing really happens in the movie. Almost half of the movie is the guy speaking in German with no subtitles. Anti-climatic ending. 7 out of 10.

Dragon Ball Super ( 1 hour ago )

aakashba : this saiyan chic is gonna beat everyone aint she

The Shannara Chronicles ( 1 hour ago )

Axlerod1 : The Shannara Chronicles will be moving from MTV to Spike for Season 2. According to Deadline, the move might have something to do with the fact that the audience for Shannara Chronicles skews slightly older and maler than the target demographic MTV was aiming for with its big-budget fantasy debut. The fact that MTV seems to be moving away from scripted content likely also plays a factor. But, hey! As long as we get a The Shannara Chronicles Season 2, we're not too picky about which Viacom channel it airs. Spike will be airing an encore of Shannara Chronicles Season 1 beginning ong Thursday, June 29, if you feel like reliving the drama of the first season before the second season premiere. Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Latest News The Shannara ChroniclesSeason 2 will pick up a year after the events of Season 1, and finds The Four Lands in chaos, with an organization called The Crimson is intent on hunting down magic users. Amidst the unrest, Will, still mourning the loss of Amberle and his separation from Eretria, has turned his back on his magical healer destiny. Meanwhile, Bandon has turned super evil and is on a mission to resurrect The Warlock Lord. (No, The Warlock Lord is not a nice guy.) Hypable caught up with Ivana Baquero (aka Eretria) recently to talk Shannara Chronicles Season 2. Baquero teased: "I can say that Wil is indeed looking for Eretria. So that’s still happening. And we will discover who the person is that she sees down in the tunnels with the Trolls." More generally, Baquero said of Season 2's structure: "There’s a lot of new evil and new elements coming up. So rather than being one quest and one story, now there’s a lot of storylines trying to contain this evil that’s trying to take over the world. It’s going to be very interesting." There's a whole host of new characters this season. As Baquero described it: "We've got new girls, new boys… We got Gentry [White,] Malese [Jow,] Vanessa [Morgan]… Obviously, they're great additions. And it;s great to have new people now that we've lost others. So I don’t necessarily feel like I’m the only female lead. There’s a lot of people involved." Here are all of the new characters to look forward to...

Ghost in the Shell ( 1 hour ago )

DjSuperman1 : I thought this movie was actually pretty good. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Model Hunger ( 1 hour ago )

DjSuperman1 : B movie. Didn't make it past 5 minutes.

Alien: Covenant ( 1 hour ago )

DjSuperman1 : Not as good as the other Alien movies. I thought it was okay. I give it an 8 out of 10.

It Follows ( 1 hour ago )

Shadesdown2001 : This movie had the potential to be a really good movie. It missed a lot of story line, especially back story on the "IT" and description of how IT began, etc... This movie did not give any reasons to who, what, or why, IT happened. This movie also had a few flaws in the story line, such as the situation between the mother and son scene(s). The fear factor was near nothing. 2/5

Life ( 1 hour ago )

DjSuperman1 : I thought this was an okay movie. It kind of reminded me of Alien. I give it an 8 out of 10.

The Babushkas of Chernobyl ( 1 hour ago )

hard2believe : When you think of Chernobyl, you think of a burned and blighted landscape. Other than the deserted buildings, it was surprising to see green trees, shrubs and grass, much less lush gardens and fruit trees. It is hard to conceive that people could be living there for decades, absorbing radiation from their water and food sources. Yet these mostly elderly widows are probably happier than their counterparts who moved away to safer, but crowded and impersonal cities where they have little connection to their past. The women who moved back into the forbidden zone have to work hard for their food and other needs, yet for many it is better than it was in the past. No one tells them what to do, they speak their minds and take pride in the ability to offer hospitality to visitors and neighbors.

Twin Peaks ( 1 hour ago )

MICHAELMYERS : going to twin peaks<-- and seen the place where it all happens........i better not run into any tall men or weird things ? that goes bump into the night'''' .. like that will not happen!lol and give me a dam piece of that pie ........

A Cure for Wellness ( 1 hour ago )

DjSuperman1 : This movie sucks. It's like a slow, boring, mystery. By the end of the movie I wasn't even interested in it anymore. I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

Britain's Got Talent ( 1 hour ago )

Tazergrrrl : Another tedious exercise in fast forwarding.

Dead Alive ( 1 hour ago )

InSpadez : There is an unrated version of this, which I think have some scenes that are really funny.

Black Butterfly ( 1 hour ago )

jblue001 : Not to be paranoid, living in L.A. makes you very weary of giving strangers a lift, let alone inviting them into your home. I was put off by this, considering the way things have changed for the worse in our society with more unbalanced people, stranger danger comes to mind. The one of several scenes was weird, when Antonio is driving his jeep, there is no key hanging in the ignition, when he is behind the big rig, there is a set of keys, just cheesy production mistake..., well it fits the film.

Marvel's Iron Fist ( 1 hour ago )

MICHAELMYERS : theirs a punch line some where .....cant find it?

Peaky Blinders ( 1 hour ago )

kintle123 : holy ballsack why did i keep this off for so long its so freaking good and its based on actually events too!

Bright Star ( 1 hour ago )

ckgranger : I had heard this was excellent....i disagree. I consider myself very well versed in period dramas and this was no where near anything else I have seen. I will say cinematography is nice in a lot of scenes. Fannie, i don't know if she was this way in real life, but was extremely annoying. This story has more historical accuracy because it's not a novel, so of course it's not as romanticized as other period pieces. The characters are often not relatable and quite fantastic - as in remote from reality. There's almost an obsession to the love that she had for him. This would have been happening around the years 1815-1821, which is in the georgian era....i've never seen any english people behave that way in any realistic or non realistic piece during this era. I don't know why i couldn't like this exactly....i just know that it does not compare at all to films from literature of this time. you can judge it for yourself.

Dragon Ball Super ( 1 hour ago )

Tullock : Hes going to want immortality I bet. Good episode.

Marvel's Iron Fist ( 1 hour ago )

PixieGober : This might be my favorite episode so far, I am really enjoying this series. Yeah, there's some flaws, but not like what the critics have said at all. I find myself liking Ward despite how off the rails he's gone.

Real Housewives of Toronto ( 1 hour ago )

MeeksMooki : Kara, Ann and Joan are my favourites (in that order). Then Jana and Grego, I dont care about and Roxy is my least fav.

RuPaul's Drag Race ( 1 hour ago )

IanQuinto : Cute guys getting dolled up, specially Rizzo

Prometheus ( 1 hour ago )

SlabTzu : I forgot how amazing this movie was. So much added to the lore on this one. The cast was great, the visuals were grand and the ending leaves you wanting more.

John Wick: Chapter 2 ( 1 hour ago )

Adrianonly : Very decent sequel, both John Wick films have the kinda action that's better than most others. Fun & fast - fueled stuff.

Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter ( 1 hour ago )

jessevanzant : damn I'm so glad they bought this show back and man was this season messed up and stupid as hell, I loved it awesome awesome stuff.

Orphan Black ( 1 hour ago )

goddammit : this episode nailed it for me !!

Doctor Who ( 1 hour ago )

Gramster2013 : It's amazing how many episodes from how many seasons where the Doctor has to save the stupid humans from making horrible mistakes. Once again he has to save us from our own leaders who instead of acting intelligently like him they act out of fear and stupidity.

A Cure for Wellness ( 1 hour ago )

deckard1911 : Lovecraft embellishments with a dash of Splice, how amusing!

Life ( 1 hour ago )

melange6 : A bit of an Alien rip-off, but a good flick to watch nonetheless (with headphones!) if you have nothing better to do.

Texas Flip N' Move ( 1 hour ago )

Tazergrrrl : That dinky shed ended up with an elevator and two decks!

Bee Gees One Night Only ( 1 hour ago )

VampyreBarbieDoll : Thank you SO much, uploader. Bee Gees are my boys. I miss Robin and Mo so much. (and Andy, too) It is so sad that they left the world in the reverse order they arrived. Barry, Mo (being the oldest of the twins), Robin, and Andy. :'(

Survivor ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : I wish 4th place won, but I'm SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY the two losers received NO VOTES to win! One was extremely cocky and did nothing but sheep the winner and kiss butts and the other rode the winners coat-tails! The right person won out of the final three!

Logan ( 2 hours ago )

birdiewolf15 : They killed everybody and violently too. Then their bodies get dumped in an unmarked grave. After the life and violence they've lived, I wanted better for them. I was hoping for a fresh start, but since this was the last time we would see Wolverine, they wanted to take it all the way. Damn. Couple criticisms were how Laura just started talking out of nowhere. And there wasn't an explanation as to why she was mute prior to that. Other one was about how the other children managed to make it to the meet up spot. Did they set up the camp or was it the people that was helping them cross the border? How did they even manage to get Canada to grant them asylum from the US. Also why did they need asylum from the US. This illegal project was conducted in Mexico. If this were something above book they would be able to do this within their own borders. This was an experiment by a biotech company. Not the US government. Why Canada would be safer for them, when the US government isn't the ones persecuting them? Pretty sure the company can just send their men across the border too. Back to the kids, how did they all manage to get to the spot? Like why was it so difficult for Laura, but the other kids managed to stay under the radar? Did they devote more resources to find her because she was more volatile and dangerous? Also I understood they couldn't kill Laura because of her healing factor, but what about the other kids? I thought the whole reason they escaped was to prevent from being euthanized. But the soldiers seemed to have been on a 'capture, but don't kill' order, when it seems like it would be more efficient to kill them since that was the original plan to begin with. Lastly, I am a little sad on how things ended. Like it was a great film, and I can see a grandiose send off would not fit with the tone and style of this movie, but come on. It has been 17 years, and these characters lived a life of suffering and pain. All their friends are dead. They were the last xmen, and probably the last time we will see anyone from the original franchise. I just wanted it to mean more, I guess.

Trash Fire ( 2 hours ago )

BellaMia2 : If this was supposed to be funny, the writer and director (same and only person) failed miserably. I was bored, most of the time. The constant bickering between the main couple was tiresome, even extremely annoying after a while. You've got a spineless girlfriend who can't stand up for her brother, than you've got the douchebag of a boyfriend, who can't stand up for his sister. They ALL got on my nerve. Didn't like any of them, specially grandma. I would've taken care of her a long time ago, if I was Owen. In all, this was not my cup of tea.

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Yukon Men

nealnbob : Unwatchable 2 weeks in a row. YK Jack you suck.....




Dancingirl : No action, just drama and nastiness. 2.5/5


BUDDHA512 : really enjoyed this movie,worth the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

toasterfraker : Fun movie that takes the extreme WTF feeling you get every time you watch a time ...

Trailer Park Boys

rubberr : look at the size of that firefly , hes actually on fire i think. soo many good ...

Alien: Covenant

Kioku : I was so beyond excited for this movie. I'm a huge Alien fan, but this sequel to ...

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